What Are The Best Features of Fiskar’s LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer (01-005419)?

Fiskar's LED SureCut Rotary TrimmerFiskar’s LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is the kind of item that you’ll really love if you enjoy devices that have a lot of gadgets. In terms of performance, it’s not much different from “machete” style trimmers, but it does offer a lot of cool toys, including the “LED SureCut Cut Line Indicator.” Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but for people who are not used to cutting neat lines on paper this can be a very big advantage. So if you are looking for a trimmer that offers a little something extra, you ought to give this one a try.

What Are The Main Features of The LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer?

Fiskar's LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer ReviewsObviously, the best feature of the SureCut Rotary Trimmer is the LED SureCut Cut Line Indicator, which is designed to create a cut-line image that will show you where you can expect the blade to cut, but what else is there? Well, here are several other features that you can expect.

45mm Rotary Blades

These blades allow the trimmer to cut paper without tearing or fanning them.

Small Size And Compact Design

Thanks to its compact design, the SureCut Rotary Trimmer can easily be stored away or moved from one place to another.

Durable Components

The SureCut Rotary Trimmer is designed to withstand damage in order to better protect its electronic components. The Titanium coating of the blade, for example, helps protect it from getting worn out.

A Big Base Deck

The SureCut Rotary Trimmer’s base deck is designed to help you with project layouts and measurements. The base deck’s full size also exceeds 12 inches and it can be used for full sheet cutting as well as wide measuring.

Who Would Buy This?

Fiskar's LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer amazonYour decision to buy the LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer will depend on how you look at its LED features. For some it’s gimmicky, while for others, it’s a nothing short of perfect. Either way, it’s important not to jump to conclusions until you’ve used it firsthand. The LED functions like the grid on old fashion trimmers and cutters, which means that they are designed to help you cut fast and precise lines.

For those who have no formal training, this can be a tremendous advantage, particularly if you’re running out of time. So basically, the LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is the kind of device that’s ideal for people who are not used to using conventional trimmers.



The LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is great for beginners who need a paper trimmer for making various types of craft. Its efficient, helpful and easy to use. Aside from being extremely user friendly, though, it’s not much different from other trimmers and cutters.

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