Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer Review

 Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer ReviewEveryone hates the moment or realization when you have cut an awkwardly crooked line along a piece of paper. Paper trimmers are ergonomically designed devices that ensure a smooth paper cutting or trimming experience. The Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer is a best cutting tool to fit every kind of application. These paper trimmers are sure to give you the results that you desire. Paper crafting is considered as both a creative art and science. If you can unleash your creativity skills the Fiskars paper trimmer will provide the accuracy and precision that you desire the most.


 Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer AmazonBuilt sturdy:

This is an ergonomically designed, durable and reliable paper trimmer that can handle delicate and thick papers perfectly to ensure precise and accurate cuts. The sturdy and long lasting working environment also assures accurate measurements.

Dual rail system:

The unique dual rail system stabilizes the rotary blade, eliminates blade wiggles and ensures smooth and precise cuts every time. The rotary blade incorporated in this trimmer stays sharp and never needs to be sharpened or replaced. Yes, the blade is permanent and touted as a lifetime blade.

Rubber feet:

The rubberized feet provided in the trimmer ensures that it stays in position, protects work surfaces and assures greater stability.

Paper guard:

A built in paper guard lifts open very easily and quickly for easy project placement. This paper guard is also smudge proof and hence assures that your project materials are fingerprint free.

Folding desk:

The paper trimmer folds into half facilitating easy storage and transport. This feature assures compact storage.

Ease of use:

The cutting table is large and incorporated with accurate grid line measurements on the top and bottom to assure versatility of use.

Who Would Buy This?

 Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer ReviewThis is a perfect tool that all crafters need more than anything else. It also assures precise and fine cutting for any card-maker, memory keeper or even a mixed media artist. The Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer which is packed with extraordinary amount of features is of great use for various crafts, hobbies, leisure projects, for quilting and sewing and for use in schools also.


This is indeed touted as an essential tool for the card makers and creative artists. This is an amazing heavy duty tool that can handle a wide array of projects with ease and precision. This product has great customer service and the blade implemented in it cuts like butter, even through multiple layers. With a lifetime warranty it is a must-have tool that makes projects so much easier than you have ever imagined.


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