Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) Reviews

Whenever you pick up a plastic comb bound folder at the office, pause for a second and think what made this possible. Neatly containing several or few hundred sheets of paper making it easy to read and handle. Fellowes Binding Machines make the task of creating really sleek looking binders out of your important office documents. This model, the Star+, carries with it an impressive list of features:

Manually punches up to 12 sheets in one go

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsThis is a great feature to have as it reduces the total time to create the bound document. A hundred page document can be punched in nine to ten repetitions. This reduces the time spent on finished document creation.

Binds up to 150 sheets with a 3/4″ comb

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsWith each page, a documents size increases. Documents over 150 pages require a different type of binding. There is little chance of a document being over 150 pages. You can create a binder of a 150 pages in one go, eliminating the need for splitting it into more than one binder.

Allows user to punch and bind in a continuous mode

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsWorkflow is very important for an office worker. The faster the binding machine works to produce an end product, the more efficient their routines. There is no need to remove punched paper as it stacks up. The machine allows paper to be punched and added to the comb in a continuous manner.

Adjustable edge guide will center documents with ease

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501)There is no need to fold papers to mark their centers. The adjustable guide, will make centering your documents really easy. Just turn a roller on the side and all papers get lined to center. With a carriage of 12 inches, it can handle up to A4 or letter size paper.

Document thickness/comb guide helps user select proper comb width

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsGone are the days of the loosely bound document. Just slot the document into the comb guide, built into the comb storage tray and you will not have to guess the size to be used. There is an integrated storage for keeping binding combs and a separate tray for holding the bits of paper the punch releases.


The Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ 150 will undoubtedly supplement your office for making those sleek, professional finishes to presentations, reference documents, and proposals. Added to that, it is sturdily built and very sleek when folded for storage or carrying around. A must have for all offices.

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