Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers Review

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers ReviewIf you are an enthusiastic crafter or a person who has an intense passion for creative art works this tool will be of great use for a variety of projects. The Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers are indeed touted as the new generation of paper cutters. Yes, these rolling trimmers have indeed revolutionized the work of paper cutting. Designed perfectly to ensure maximum safety and accuracy these personal rolling trimmers create clean burr-free cut and promises years of smooth and precise cutting experience.


1. Accuracy and precision:

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers ReviewThis German engineered tool makes it extremely easy to ensure a clean, precise cut and hence touted as a perfect paper trimmer for all your small projects at home or office. It can accurately cut through seven sheets of paper at a time.

2. Light weight and compact design:

This crafter’s indispensable tool is professionally designed to be light weight and compact in nature. This features allows it to be conveniently carried anywhere you want.

3. Safety:

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers ReviewThis tool is designed to ensure maximum safety. This is because the cutting blades are encased in a special protective plastic to ensure that the blade does not come in contact with your skin. The blade is exposed only to the cutting edge. Hence there is absolutely no chance of personal injury.

4. Unique blades:

You need not worry about changing of blades because the blades incorporated in this tool are self-sharpening in nature.

5. Sturdiness:

The automatic paper clamp implemented in this tool holds the paper securely in place and the tough metal base imprinted with reference marks ensures a precise cut every time. The metal base which is of high quality assures excellent durability and longevity to withstand regular rough usage.

Who Would Buy This Product?

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers BuyThough the Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers incorporate a metal base they are extremely light weight in nature Hence they are touted as the perfect choice for crafters who participate in frequent events like scrap booking. This is also an ideal buy for people engaged in cutting photo copies, card stock, photographs, films, computer paper, tissue paper and facsimile paper.


The self-sharpening blades that cut in either direction assure precise cuts every time. Moreover the blades are securely encased in a plastic housing to eliminate risk of any nature. If you are on the lookout for a personal rolling trimmer that guarantees utmost safety and exceptional accuracy then this is a perfect product. Buy one today and enjoy the amazing benefits it offers.


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