CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) Reviews

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsIf you need a very impressive, top grade paper trimmer that can cut through many sheets of paper with very little effort, you should consider the CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer . It has a unique magnetic clamp that works as paper gauge. It also has an excellent locking mechanism that keeps the paper in place and prevents any damage while you are cutting paper. The cutting blade allows you to cut through up to 36 sheets at once with very little effort. Here’s a short description of some of the features of this outstanding paper trimmer.

Magnetic Paper Guide

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThe magnetic paper guide allows you to hold paper and other materials you are cutting in place. This guarantees a straight and accurate cut. It is particularly useful when you want to cut several sheets. You don’t need to use your second hand to hold down the sheets while you are operating the cutting blade.

Magnetic Paper Gauge

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThis heavy duty paper trimmer has a very useful magnetic paper gauge. It can be adjusted very easily and then it stays in place while you do repetitive cutting. This saves you time and helps you to be able maintain a high level of accuracy for projects that require repetition and high precision.

36-Sheet Trimmer

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThis paper trimmer can slice through 36 sheets of paper at a time depending on the thickness of the paper. It can handle paper of various sizes from 2’’ by 2” to 11” by 14”. The hardened carbide blade and the unique rail system will help you to achieve very high precision on your paper cutting projects. You can always get square cuts without any rough edges.

Calibrated Metal Board

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThe durable calibrated metal base has an alignment grid and several pre-fixed measurements for common sizes. With this metal base, you can cut paper, card stock, mat board, pictures, foam-board and plastic sheets, quickly and accurately.

Who Would Buy This?

The Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 15 inch is the best choice for you if you need to do a lot of accurate paper trimming. It can easily cut paper, pictures, card stock and plastic sheets. It is ideal for offices, homes and paper craft professionals who use paper to create beautiful art work.

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This Carl rotary heavy duty paper trimmer is a great asset. In fact, it makes paper-cutting easy, quick and accurate. The magnetic gauge and calibrated base make repetitive cutting extremely fast and precise. If you cut a lot of materials like plastic sheets, foam-board, card stock or pictures, you should buy this valuable paper cutting tool.


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