Clean Cuts with the Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer

Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer Review

Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine TrimmerPaper cutting is hard to do with scissors or with your hands, so you should have the Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer if you intend to do a lot of paper cutting at home or at work. Of course, you won’t need just a paper cutter; you will also need a cutter containing measuring scales to ensure accuracy of cuts. You can say goodbye to irregular cuts with typical cutting instruments.

Three Important Product Features

Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine TrimmerGuillotine cutting capability can cut up to 10 pieces of paper at once

If you are used to cutting paper one at a time, then forget about it. The product can cut 10 at a time, so aside from being able to deal with the routine paper cutting job involving only a few sheets, you can also deal with tasks with even a hundred sheets of paper involved.

The blade can cut through any type of paper and is 12 inches long

You may think that a paper cutter is suitable only for cutting ordinary bond paper. However, this product is different. It can cut photos, cardboard paper, tracing paper, parchment paper, and other different types of paper, all with ease. The 12-inch long cutter is good enough for most routine cutting activities.

There are protective features that prevent accidental cutting

Paper cutters have really sharp blades, so it is necessary for you to avoid cutting yourself, or to avoid cutting paper in a way you do not intend. The guard rail keeps your hands away from the blade. The latch hook for the blade keeps the blade secure in place when you are not using the product.

Who Should Buy the Product?

The Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer is meant for anyone who cuts paper at a routine basis at home or at work. Publishing houses, printing centers, photocopy centers, schools, and other workplaces where paper is a staple resource should have this paper cutter. Also, if you love doing crafts with paper, then you can benefit from this paper cutter because from it you can get neat cuts.

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Three Product Pros

Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine TrimmerIt is capable of cutting multiple pieces of paper at once

This saves you plenty of time when you cut paper regularly. Cutting paper is a routine job for some people so it must be done as quickly as possible, and a good paper trimmer can help with that.

It is lightweight

Unlike other paper cutters, you can easily move this from one place to another, thus making cutting jobs easier for others too. It is not made from heavy metal, except for the blade – it is made from plastic which makes the product portable.

It has a limited 10-year warranty

Thus, any defects that the paper cutter may develop in the first 10 years of its use can easily be fixed (and the product may even be replaced on some occasions). This will ensure that your cutter will serve you for a lifetime.

One Product Con

One con of the product is that sometimes your cut may not be straight, but you just have to position your paper correctly (after all, there is a measuring grid for your paper).

Value For Your Money

The Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer is highly useful in many paper-cutting settings. Think about the money you can save when you spend less time on cutting paper because you can now do it more efficiently. With the capability to cut multiple pieces of paper, the safety features, and the measuring grid, the product is one you should have where it counts.

Swingline ClassicCut Lite 12 Inch Guillotine Trimmer

Fiskars 196800-1001 12-Inch European Rotary Paper Trimmer Review

One of the best products which you can in school or even in office is the Fiskars 12-Inch European Rotary Paper Trimmer. This kind of product is relatively good for everyone who would like to make their paper works and some related works more accurate and convenient. Generally, many office workers are using this item since it gives them a great convenience when it comes to the uses and functions. Fiskars 196800-1001 12-Inches European Rotary Paper Trimmer gives you the guarantee that you will end up of a great result and with a perfect output.

Fiskars 196800-1001 12-Inch European Rotary Paper Trimmer Review

Exceptional Features of the Product

If you are also looking for this Fiskars 196800-1001 12-Inches European Rotary Paper Trimmer, it would be better if you will try to know first its remarkable features. In this way, you may have an idea if what would be the best paper cutting product which is really suitable for you. One of the best attributes of this product is an additional decorative blade which would be very essential for cutting purposes.

Another one good attributes that you may know about this is that it has English and metric measurements. With this type of measurement system, you can calculate an accurate measurement for your tasks or jobs. At least, you can have a perfect result when it comes to calculation. The product has a magnetic paper clip holder that is very important for making the sheets of paper in a proper order.

With this essential thing, you can have a tool for making your documents intact. This product also includes 4-sided strip cutting. This 4-sided strip cutting can cut such pieces of pare into strips. Thus, you can choose for what size that you want.

Why Do You Need to Buy the Product?

The whole product is really suitable for your taste and preferences. In fact, it would give you more benefits as you use it at your home or even in your office. There is a whole package on it including the manual. So, you can easily understand how it works for good. If you have some queries about the product, then there is a guide which will give you the notion about it. It was already designed for all the customers like you so as not to hinder your tasks with difficult processes. So, you can try to purchase this item for your own goodness. You might consider looking for this product through online since there is a wide range of selections when it comes to this kind of product.

Who Would Buy the Product?

This Fiskars 196800-1001 12-Inches European Rotary Paper Trimmer is for all the customers who would like to buy. However, most of the office workers, students and some employees are using this product. That’s why; the possibility to purchase this product is within the said potential customers. The potential users can relatively buy this product since they are the ones who need the European Rotary Paper Trimmer.


Anyone of you must purchase the product, most especially if you need this. With this item, you can gain a lot of benefits. Thus, it can finish your tasks without difficulty. With the high quality type of this product, you can also have an assurance that what you are doing will done perfectly. So, if you would like to make sure that all your works will done very accurately, then it is now the time to use the rotary paper trimmer. You can have this product in any physical stores or you can even purchase this in any online stores. Buy now and experience the essence of the product for your own convenience!


Swingline ClassicCut Ingento 18 Inch Maple Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

If you need to get large reams of paper cut and prepared for any large-scale product or you have a massive sheet of paper that has to be measured exactly when cutting it then the Swingline ClassicCut will help you out significantly.

Swingline ClassicCut Ingento 18 Inch Maple Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

Works with Many Sheets

The Swingline ClassicCut Ingento 18 Inch Maple Guillotine Paper Trimmer uses a 15-sheet capacity total. You can load this all at the sharp end of the trimmer and the blade will move through all of these papers.

A Self-Sharpening Blade

The blade on this trimmer is self-sharpening. This means that as it moves through the paper, it will clear old materials off and keep it strong and sturdy.

Spring Washers are Included

The spring washers in the paper trimmer are linked directly onto the blade and its mechanism. This makes it so it will stay in place and not be at risk of slipping and causing anything to cut prematurely.

Rubber Feet are Use

Rubber feet are found at the bottom end of the trimmer. These feet will keep the trimmer in its place at all times.

Who Would Buy This?

This is particularly ideal for schools where plenty of paper is needed for presentations and projects. It can also be used by photo studios to carefully and accurately cut photos. It may also work in businesses where large numbers of documents have to be used.

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The self-sharpening nature of this device makes it easy for you to use when getting many pieces of paper ready. This means that you don’t have to worry about using a hand-held sharpener and possibly hurting yourself from it.

The rail guard on the edge is also sturdy and short enough to keep the paper in. It keeps the user safe as it is being handled.

In addition, this can be used for literally any kind of paper material. It can go from small tissue paper to heavy plaster board. It can take up to twenty pounds of materials at a time.


The ruler is relatively tough to see. This ruler is at the top of the trimmer and measures the paper accurately but it can be a challenge to make out a few of the numbers.

This is also relatively heavy at around eight pounds. It also takes up close to thirty inches of space on a surface, thus requiring you to have to clear out plenty of space to make it fit in a spot.

Value for Money

You can get the Swingline ClassicCut Ingento 18 Inch Maple Guillotine Paper Trimmer under $135 at now. It is normally $219 on the market. This is a good deal for a trimmer that is reliable and large enough to handle a majority of the things that you need to get taken care of in the workplace or school.


Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Pulsar E 300, Electric, with Starter Kit (5216701) Reviews

The Fellowes electric binding machine allows you to create professional quality comb-bound materials from the comfort of your home or office. This machine can easily punch 15 sheets of paper at a time and then bind up to 300 sheets of paper with a comb bind. The possibilities are endless; you can create jaw-dropping presentations, instruction manuals, or even your own softbound books.

Maximum Productivity

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Pulsar E 300, Electric, with Starter Kit (5216701) ReviewsThe Pulsar E is a compact, efficiently designed unit that is perfect for the busy entrepreneur or a small to midsized office. The binder can be loaded with up to 15 pages of material at a time and punches holes electrically to ensure accuracy and consistency. For larger documents after all the holes have been punched you may load up to 300 pages in this binder and have it easily connect them all with a 1 ? inch comb.

Smooth Alignment

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Pulsar E 300, Electric, with Starter Kit (5216701) ReviewsThe Fellowes Pulsar E allows for vertical loading of your documents. The built-in Rotary edge guide is perfect for centering your materials easily and precisely. The benefit of this is that you will get a perfectly aligned document every time so that all of your bound materials have a consistent, professional appearance.

Built-In Measuring Device

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Pulsar E 300, Electric, with Starter Kit (5216701) ReviewsA handy feature of this binder is the integrated measuring device. You can rest-assured that you will always know the exact size of the comb bind that you will need to finish your document perfectly. This will keep you from wasting time having to redo something that has a too small or too large binding; you will always be able to produce first-class results with this binder.

Handy Storage Tray

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Pulsar E 300, Electric, with Starter Kit (5216701) ReviewsThe Pulsar E is designed with a built-in storage tray that can accommodate several different sizes of comb bindings. This can be a huge benefit if you are ever faced with a situation where you have to quickly put together one last presentation for an important meeting with the client. With this binding machine you can easily run straight from the copier to the binder knowing that you have an emergency selection of combs in the tray ready to go at a moment’s notice.



The Fellowes Pulsar E electric small office comb binder is a reasonably priced, entry level unit that is a must-have for any busy entrepreneur or small office. This binder has the ability to produce a professional finish to all of your documents and proposals. The Pulsar E comes with a complimentary starter kit which will allow you to create 10 professionally bound documents right off the bat.


Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) Reviews

Whenever you pick up a plastic comb bound folder at the office, pause for a second and think what made this possible. Neatly containing several or few hundred sheets of paper making it easy to read and handle. Fellowes Binding Machines make the task of creating really sleek looking binders out of your important office documents. This model, the Star+, carries with it an impressive list of features:

Manually punches up to 12 sheets in one go

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsThis is a great feature to have as it reduces the total time to create the bound document. A hundred page document can be punched in nine to ten repetitions. This reduces the time spent on finished document creation.

Binds up to 150 sheets with a 3/4″ comb

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsWith each page, a documents size increases. Documents over 150 pages require a different type of binding. There is little chance of a document being over 150 pages. You can create a binder of a 150 pages in one go, eliminating the need for splitting it into more than one binder.

Allows user to punch and bind in a continuous mode

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsWorkflow is very important for an office worker. The faster the binding machine works to produce an end product, the more efficient their routines. There is no need to remove punched paper as it stacks up. The machine allows paper to be punched and added to the comb in a continuous manner.

Adjustable edge guide will center documents with ease

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501)There is no need to fold papers to mark their centers. The adjustable guide, will make centering your documents really easy. Just turn a roller on the side and all papers get lined to center. With a carriage of 12 inches, it can handle up to A4 or letter size paper.

Document thickness/comb guide helps user select proper comb width

Fellowes Binding Machine, Comb, Star+ (5006501) ReviewsGone are the days of the loosely bound document. Just slot the document into the comb guide, built into the comb storage tray and you will not have to guess the size to be used. There is an integrated storage for keeping binding combs and a separate tray for holding the bits of paper the punch releases.


The Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ 150 will undoubtedly supplement your office for making those sleek, professional finishes to presentations, reference documents, and proposals. Added to that, it is sturdily built and very sleek when folded for storage or carrying around. A must have for all offices.

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers Review

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers ReviewIf you are an enthusiastic crafter or a person who has an intense passion for creative art works this tool will be of great use for a variety of projects. The Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers are indeed touted as the new generation of paper cutters. Yes, these rolling trimmers have indeed revolutionized the work of paper cutting. Designed perfectly to ensure maximum safety and accuracy these personal rolling trimmers create clean burr-free cut and promises years of smooth and precise cutting experience.


1. Accuracy and precision:

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers ReviewThis German engineered tool makes it extremely easy to ensure a clean, precise cut and hence touted as a perfect paper trimmer for all your small projects at home or office. It can accurately cut through seven sheets of paper at a time.

2. Light weight and compact design:

This crafter’s indispensable tool is professionally designed to be light weight and compact in nature. This features allows it to be conveniently carried anywhere you want.

3. Safety:

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers ReviewThis tool is designed to ensure maximum safety. This is because the cutting blades are encased in a special protective plastic to ensure that the blade does not come in contact with your skin. The blade is exposed only to the cutting edge. Hence there is absolutely no chance of personal injury.

4. Unique blades:

You need not worry about changing of blades because the blades incorporated in this tool are self-sharpening in nature.

5. Sturdiness:

The automatic paper clamp implemented in this tool holds the paper securely in place and the tough metal base imprinted with reference marks ensures a precise cut every time. The metal base which is of high quality assures excellent durability and longevity to withstand regular rough usage.

Who Would Buy This Product?

Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers BuyThough the Dahle Personal Rolling Trimmers incorporate a metal base they are extremely light weight in nature Hence they are touted as the perfect choice for crafters who participate in frequent events like scrap booking. This is also an ideal buy for people engaged in cutting photo copies, card stock, photographs, films, computer paper, tissue paper and facsimile paper.


The self-sharpening blades that cut in either direction assure precise cuts every time. Moreover the blades are securely encased in a plastic housing to eliminate risk of any nature. If you are on the lookout for a personal rolling trimmer that guarantees utmost safety and exceptional accuracy then this is a perfect product. Buy one today and enjoy the amazing benefits it offers.


Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer with Microban Protection

Westcott Trim Air Guillotine wood trimmer with microban protection is the unbeatable paper cutting device that has being raving the entire world since its release into the market. Past guillotine models exposed we entrepreneurs to lots of huddles due to their limited capabilities and low efficiency. Designers and engineers have finally responded to our outcry and crafted a new era guillotine that is more reliable and efficient. I have being using this product for the last three weeks to trim documents to the right size in my business. So far, I have not experienced any problems, it works perfectly each and every time.

Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer

Here are some of its specifications and feature that gives it’s a higher ranking in the market

Microban protection:

Bacteria are well known for their detrimental effects on both human beings and animals. They can easy grow and thrive in and on the surface of the handle leading to bacterial infections and odors that compromise the air quality. Fortunately, this product has a Microban protection that helps to prevent growth of bacteria hence its user-friendly.


There are guillotine that can only cut one or two papers at the same time. This one is assembled using the latest technological advancement as evident from its unique capabilities. For example, it can cut 30 sheets of paper at the same time. Additionally, the blades are bonded together to make them stay sharp for longer so you will not need to sharpen them every now and then.

Durable wood base:

Wooden materials are known to be very susceptible to termite attacks and rotting. This guillotine has a very sturdy wooden base that is made from treated wooden material. Hence it is immune to termite attacks and can withstand significantly high moisture levels without rotting or showing signs of aging.

Titanium blades:

Unlike other guillotines, this one has titanium blades that are professionally crafted to deliver the expected results all the time. As mentioned earlier, these blades can last for months without losing their vigor or sharpness.

Who should buy this?

Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer with Microban Protection is suitable for all office and home paper cutting chores. It can be used by both small and large businesses or corporations since it can cut virtually all sort of papers no matter the size and requirements. Its comfortable handle makes it’s very easy to use it. Additionally, its contemporary design and unique outlook will give your office a new touch of elegance.



Westcott TrimAir Guillotine Wood Trimmer with Microban Protection is the ultimate solution to all your paper cutting needs. It will not only help you save time by cutting many papers at the same time but also prevent paper wastage. Its available at a pocket friendly price in all major stores across the globe.

Dahle 18E 18″ Personal Paper Cutter Review

Dahle 18E 18" Personal Paper Cutter ReviewThe other day I was looking for a paper cutter that is effective and capable of cutting bunches of papers at the same time accurately. Just like any other modern shopper, I went online and looked read several reviews from clients and sales representatives of various companies and that is where I came across Dahle 18E 18” personal paper cutter. I was me mesmerized by the many positive reviews from customers who are already using the product. To cut a long story short, I went ahead and ordered this cutter and honestly my experience with it is nothing short of excellent.

Here are some facts about it that makes the best paper cutter in the world that works perfectly just like you

Dahle 18E 18" Personal Paper Cutter ReviewHigh quality parts: This is by far one of the major aspects that place this product ahead of its competition. All its parts such as blade and base are made from 100% pure metal. Hence, you will be able to perform various paper cutting tasks without worrying about its durability and effectiveness.

High cutting capacity: The geniuses behind this new�? paper cutter know that you need a device that can cut lots of papers without breaking down. This product can comfortably cut up to 15 sheets of paper at the same time. For example, it can slash 18” long papers into your desired shape at the same time.

Compact design: Gone are the days when you had to carry a huge heavy guillotine from one office to another. This modern cutter measures only 21” by 15.75” so it’s economical on space and easy to carry. Its safety features such as the locking blade makes the paper trimming process risk-free.

Easy to use: It comes with a paper clamp whose main role is to keep your sheets flushing. That is, they will not fan when under the clamp so you will be able to cut each piece accurately even when handling huge bunches of papers.

Who would buy this?

Dahle 18E 18" Personal Paper Cutter ReviewWell, Dahle 18E 18” Personal Paper Cutter is designed for both new and experienced users who have in the past used other paper cutters. It comes with a manual that you can use to derive maximum utility from its features and capabilities. You will definitely fall in love with its world-class alignment grid that is strategically placed at its base to help you take measurements of the papers before cutting. This will surely help you to accurately cut papers each and every time hassle free.



By choosing Dahle 18E 18” Personal Paper Cutter, you can rest assured that you will get the most buck for your money. It’s available all across the globe in all leading stores at a fair price. There are also discounts that you can take advantage of to save money. You will also get a lifetime warranty that will cushion you from repair or maintenance expenses.

Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer Review

 Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer ReviewEveryone hates the moment or realization when you have cut an awkwardly crooked line along a piece of paper. Paper trimmers are ergonomically designed devices that ensure a smooth paper cutting or trimming experience. The Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer is a best cutting tool to fit every kind of application. These paper trimmers are sure to give you the results that you desire. Paper crafting is considered as both a creative art and science. If you can unleash your creativity skills the Fiskars paper trimmer will provide the accuracy and precision that you desire the most.


 Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer AmazonBuilt sturdy:

This is an ergonomically designed, durable and reliable paper trimmer that can handle delicate and thick papers perfectly to ensure precise and accurate cuts. The sturdy and long lasting working environment also assures accurate measurements.

Dual rail system:

The unique dual rail system stabilizes the rotary blade, eliminates blade wiggles and ensures smooth and precise cuts every time. The rotary blade incorporated in this trimmer stays sharp and never needs to be sharpened or replaced. Yes, the blade is permanent and touted as a lifetime blade.

Rubber feet:

The rubberized feet provided in the trimmer ensures that it stays in position, protects work surfaces and assures greater stability.

Paper guard:

A built in paper guard lifts open very easily and quickly for easy project placement. This paper guard is also smudge proof and hence assures that your project materials are fingerprint free.

Folding desk:

The paper trimmer folds into half facilitating easy storage and transport. This feature assures compact storage.

Ease of use:

The cutting table is large and incorporated with accurate grid line measurements on the top and bottom to assure versatility of use.

Who Would Buy This?

 Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer ReviewThis is a perfect tool that all crafters need more than anything else. It also assures precise and fine cutting for any card-maker, memory keeper or even a mixed media artist. The Fiskars 100580-1001 ProCision Trimmer which is packed with extraordinary amount of features is of great use for various crafts, hobbies, leisure projects, for quilting and sewing and for use in schools also.


This is indeed touted as an essential tool for the card makers and creative artists. This is an amazing heavy duty tool that can handle a wide array of projects with ease and precision. This product has great customer service and the blade implemented in it cuts like butter, even through multiple layers. With a lifetime warranty it is a must-have tool that makes projects so much easier than you have ever imagined.


What Are The Best Features of Fiskar’s LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer (01-005419)?

Fiskar's LED SureCut Rotary TrimmerFiskar’s LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is the kind of item that you’ll really love if you enjoy devices that have a lot of gadgets. In terms of performance, it’s not much different from “machete” style trimmers, but it does offer a lot of cool toys, including the “LED SureCut Cut Line Indicator.” Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but for people who are not used to cutting neat lines on paper this can be a very big advantage. So if you are looking for a trimmer that offers a little something extra, you ought to give this one a try.

What Are The Main Features of The LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer?

Fiskar's LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer ReviewsObviously, the best feature of the SureCut Rotary Trimmer is the LED SureCut Cut Line Indicator, which is designed to create a cut-line image that will show you where you can expect the blade to cut, but what else is there? Well, here are several other features that you can expect.

45mm Rotary Blades

These blades allow the trimmer to cut paper without tearing or fanning them.

Small Size And Compact Design

Thanks to its compact design, the SureCut Rotary Trimmer can easily be stored away or moved from one place to another.

Durable Components

The SureCut Rotary Trimmer is designed to withstand damage in order to better protect its electronic components. The Titanium coating of the blade, for example, helps protect it from getting worn out.

A Big Base Deck

The SureCut Rotary Trimmer’s base deck is designed to help you with project layouts and measurements. The base deck’s full size also exceeds 12 inches and it can be used for full sheet cutting as well as wide measuring.

Who Would Buy This?

Fiskar's LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer amazonYour decision to buy the LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer will depend on how you look at its LED features. For some it’s gimmicky, while for others, it’s a nothing short of perfect. Either way, it’s important not to jump to conclusions until you’ve used it firsthand. The LED functions like the grid on old fashion trimmers and cutters, which means that they are designed to help you cut fast and precise lines.

For those who have no formal training, this can be a tremendous advantage, particularly if you’re running out of time. So basically, the LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is the kind of device that’s ideal for people who are not used to using conventional trimmers.



The LED SureCut Rotary Trimmer is great for beginners who need a paper trimmer for making various types of craft. Its efficient, helpful and easy to use. Aside from being extremely user friendly, though, it’s not much different from other trimmers and cutters.

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) Reviews

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsIf you need a very impressive, top grade paper trimmer that can cut through many sheets of paper with very little effort, you should consider the CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer . It has a unique magnetic clamp that works as paper gauge. It also has an excellent locking mechanism that keeps the paper in place and prevents any damage while you are cutting paper. The cutting blade allows you to cut through up to 36 sheets at once with very little effort. Here’s a short description of some of the features of this outstanding paper trimmer.

Magnetic Paper Guide

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThe magnetic paper guide allows you to hold paper and other materials you are cutting in place. This guarantees a straight and accurate cut. It is particularly useful when you want to cut several sheets. You don’t need to use your second hand to hold down the sheets while you are operating the cutting blade.

Magnetic Paper Gauge

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThis heavy duty paper trimmer has a very useful magnetic paper gauge. It can be adjusted very easily and then it stays in place while you do repetitive cutting. This saves you time and helps you to be able maintain a high level of accuracy for projects that require repetition and high precision.

36-Sheet Trimmer

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThis paper trimmer can slice through 36 sheets of paper at a time depending on the thickness of the paper. It can handle paper of various sizes from 2’’ by 2” to 11” by 14”. The hardened carbide blade and the unique rail system will help you to achieve very high precision on your paper cutting projects. You can always get square cuts without any rough edges.

Calibrated Metal Board

CARL Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer (15 Inch) ReviewsThe durable calibrated metal base has an alignment grid and several pre-fixed measurements for common sizes. With this metal base, you can cut paper, card stock, mat board, pictures, foam-board and plastic sheets, quickly and accurately.

Who Would Buy This?

The Carl Heavy Duty Rotary Paper Trimmer 15 inch is the best choice for you if you need to do a lot of accurate paper trimming. It can easily cut paper, pictures, card stock and plastic sheets. It is ideal for offices, homes and paper craft professionals who use paper to create beautiful art work.

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This Carl rotary heavy duty paper trimmer is a great asset. In fact, it makes paper-cutting easy, quick and accurate. The magnetic gauge and calibrated base make repetitive cutting extremely fast and precise. If you cut a lot of materials like plastic sheets, foam-board, card stock or pictures, you should buy this valuable paper cutting tool.


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